Just a quick post to let y'all know that New Look have upped their bikini game. I've never really been the biggest New Look fan but every once in a while I'll find myself having a little browse. Although, I always seem to turn to New Look for the basic tees, undies, swimwear & shoes. So on the hunt for a bikini, I came across this little gem.


It's FINALLY getting warmer, which means I have a new excuse to buy anything summer related... new summer clothes, new summer make up, new summer perfumes... (my student loan came in today aswell which is going to encourage me to spend even more). One of my all time favourite summer scents is Calvin Klein One: Summer. Its a unisex perfume which is super fresh and summery (the name of the perfume kind of gives that away). However I wanted to find a cheaper version so that I could use it every day without worrying that it's going to run out.


 I recently went on a University trip to London to see the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition at the V&A (which was amazing btw). We had some time to kill before hand so of course a quick trip to Harrods to look at all the things we couldn't afford was obligatory. After waltzing around for half an hour drooling over everything, we found MAC (you can guess how excited this made me).


It's that time of the year for us students where our loans are long gone and spent (wasted) on mac make up, pizza and nights out. Just a few more weeks to wait and our new loans will be sat waiting for us in our bank accounts, amen. So as I have been unable to flitter my money (because I have none) online shopping, I have been bookmarking all the items that I'm loving/planning to get my hands on.