Just a quick post to let y'all know that New Look have upped their bikini game. I've never really been the biggest New Look fan but every once in a while I'll find myself having a little browse. Although, I always seem to turn to New Look for the basic tees, undies, swimwear & shoes. So on the hunt for a bikini, I came across this little gem.

I couldn't stop thinking about how similar it looked to Triangl... we've all seen those gorgeous girls on Instagram flaunting their amazing Triangl bikinis (and bodies *sigh*). Of course I would love a Triangl bikini, what girl doesn't? But come on... £70-£80 is a lot of money to invest in a bikini - especially when next year I'll want a new one. 

That's when good old New Look came to the rescue with a very similar design for nowhere near the same price. The bikini is a little bit of a more neon, lime colour in real life, but with a tan I think this would look amazing on (maybe not so much now as I am as pale as a sheet of paper - get me on holiday). I love that it has a black trim as it means I could also pair the top with plain black bottoms or vice versa. The bikini top has moulded, underwired cups so it's very flattering, it comes with straps too (which you can take off) but who's got time for those annoying tan lines. 

So if you're looking for an affordable yet stylish bikini then have a look in New Look ... they have the black trim Triangl style in other colours too. 

With Love,
Katie xo

P.s. Luckily most shops let you buy the tops and bottoms separately.. big bum problems, am I right girls?


  1. I bought this style in pink from New Look the other day. I'm so impressed with their bikinis this year!



    1. I know!! I have to stop myself from buying them all! xo