It's FINALLY getting warmer, which means I have a new excuse to buy anything summer related... new summer clothes, new summer make up, new summer perfumes... (my student loan came in today aswell which is going to encourage me to spend even more). One of my all time favourite summer scents is Calvin Klein One: Summer. Its a unisex perfume which is super fresh and summery (the name of the perfume kind of gives that away). However I wanted to find a cheaper version so that I could use it every day without worrying that it's going to run out.

Whenever I get to the till points in Zara, I'm always greeted by the nicest range of perfumes that sit along the top. My little willpower means I end up smelling them all and I end up buying one far too often *help me*. The packaging of the 6902 Hollywood Boulevard * Los Angeles perfume caught my eye as this is also the colour scheme that the CK perfume has (these colours instantly remind me of summer). I couldn't quite believe how similar the scent was too, I had found my perfect dupe! 

I would describe the scent as highly citrusy, fruity and fresh. It has traces of Pear, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Rose, Lily of the valley, Ylang Ylang (whatever the hell that is), Cedar and Musk *mmmmm*. However, the only downfall is that the staying power of this perfume is nowhere near as good as CK. I have to keep reapplying to keep the scent lasting throughout the day (as I find with most Zara perfumes). But at around £10 you can't really complain too much! 

So if you're looking for a cheap, summery perfume to chuck in your handbag this is ideal! 

Hope you're all enjoying the sun, 

With love,
Katie xo 

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