Hello lovelies, I have been super busy lately, so I apologise for the lack of blogging!! However, I am back with another beauty post! You may have seen my previous Going Nude post where I gave an insight into my two new fav nude lipsticks... I briefly mentioned that I also had a slight obsession with nude nail polishes too! So, I thought I'd do a quick post to show you the nails polishes that I've been obsessing over:

Sally Hansen - Mauve Along
This is my ultimate favourite go-to nail varnish. As the name suggests it is a pinky/brown colour (mauve). I have repurchased this several times and it never fails me. Sally Hansen is one of my fav brands for nail polishes as they are such great quality & have a sea of colours to choose from!

O.P.I - Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
Beauty Bay currently have an offer on O.P.I nail varnishes so I took advantage and bought this and a new 3-in-1 strengthener, base coat & top coat. This is the lightest shade of them all and it is super glossy so looks amazing and shiny on the nails. I would describe this as more of a taupe shade and it looks super classy.

Nails Inc - Uptown
If you read my Glamour Summer Edit post you would of seen that this little beauty was in my package. I adore this shade and if I could have everything I own in this colour - I would. I love the Gel Effect that it leaves on my nails and it is super long lasting... a little pricey at £15 but Nails Inc are fab so the price is justifiable!

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine - Caramel Cupcake
Guys this nail polish costs £2.99... I repeat £2.99!! This did not chip easy and the colour is absolutely gorgeous - I've seen quite a few beauty bloggers rave about this colour so I had to jump on board too.  It is your stereotypical nude shade which I love. It does run out fairly quickly & you defo need two coats (what do you expect for £2.99) but it really gives a flawless professional finish on your nails! Super impressed!

Essie - Eternal Optimist
This gorgeous shade is a warm toned, 'spiced tea rose' colour. I am obsessed with Essie nail polishes - Out of these 5 nail polishes, this lasted the longest without chipping (around a week - yippee). Pretty amazing quality seeing as it is only £7.99!

Recommend any nail polishes? I would love to hear from you!

With love,
Katie xo


  1. I am not a nail polish type of girl. haha, I have no patience to seat down & polish my nail & screw it up after application lol. I am just that clumsy & rough haha. Of all the nail polishes you own, I like the color from Nails Inc :)

    | Bold Expression | Hana

    1. Yeah it is a pain in the ass to keep your nails looking fab all the time!! Thats my fav colour out of them all too! Thanks for the comment Hana xx

  2. Love the look of the Sally Hansen one on the left ! x

    Katina | www.katinalindaa.com

    1. I always wear it - pretty sure I'm starting to run out of this one!! xo

  3. This post has come at the perfect time because I have been on the hunt for a nude nail polish for a while now. Loving the Sally Hansen and Rimmel London one!

    Emily | Always Emily

    1. Oooo I'm glad it came at the right time for you lol! I bought another one today from Maybelline called Rose Poudre which is identical to the Nails Inc one and a fraction of the price so you should check that one out too xo

  4. I'm so obsessed with nude colour anything at the moment! This is a great collection, I've got Nails Inc 'Bloomsbury Way' on constantly right now - it's a pale blossomy pink, so pretty for summer so that's definitely one I'd suggest to try too x


    1. Same hehehe especially nail polishes and lipsticks! Oooo I shall have a look at that - thanks for the recommendation xo