Hey guys, I hope you're all enjoying the fabulous sunshine today. Just a quick up date for you all that my second year at university is finally over and I am now a lady of leisure! I have also just finished my work experience doing visual merchandising which I absolutely loved. I was helping to decorate and put together the window displays, styling mannequins and putting up the stores decor. I am also off on holiday soon which of course meant I've been holiday shopping... however I got side tracked and ended up buying 3 new pairs of shoes *oops*. Which all just happened to be slip ons... obsessed. 

So... I don't usually look in Office for shoes but lately I've started to visit there more often. I find that a lot of their shoes are quite over priced (especially their heels), however I did manage to find a couple of gems. Firstly my black cross sandals, I have been looking for a pair for absolutely ages. I really wanted the popular H&M ones that were in stores last summer but I never managed to get my hands on them, so this was the next best thing (however, I have just looked on their website and found a pair with a brown footbed so I may do swapsies). They're kind of an ugly Birkenstock look alike, my boyfriend said "Jesus called and he wants his sandals back". However, I still love them. They do them in white too which are just as fab.

I've wanted a pair of slip ons like this for ages too & came across these on the website. However, for some strange reason it wouldn't let me order to store, so after speaking to a friend that worked there she said they had some in stock *hello Yasmin hehe*. I popped into store and they had none on the shop floor, but too my luck they had them in the stock room! I love the snake skin effect as I think it makes the shoe look so much cooler and interesting. I also got these for £18 with my student discount which is such a bargain as places like Topshop sell these for more.

Primark Snake Skin - £4

Finally I picked these up for 4 POUNDS... I REPEAT 4 POUNDS. Obviously the quality isn't the best but for the price these are perfect for the beach/around the pool. They also did these in a plain black, white and metallic colour. So stock up ladies.

What I love about all of these shoes is that they are so easy to chuck on with an outfit and will go with all most everything. Got to love a versatile shoe.

With love,
Katie xo 


  1. Love this post ! Those shoes are just perfect !

    1. Thanks hun, I'm waiting for some warm weather so I can actually wear the sandals! xo

  2. I love the first pair of shoes from Office! They look like the comfiest sandals, I always imagine these kind of shoes with some patterned palazzo pants, the ideal comfy outfit :)
    Eva - celestialthoughts.co.uk

    1. I wore these to death on my hols, they are super comfy! Oooo yes that does sound like a fab outfit! Thanks for the comment Eva xo