Ok so this might sound a little strange but I have been searching for a specific anklet for almost a year *sad I know*. An anklet with an Indian elephant charm... You know when you kind of create an item of clothing or accessory in your head & you search high and low for it on the high street and it is no where to be found because it doesn't exist??? Well that was me with this anklet. I have no idea where my sudden urge to buy an elephant anklet came from as I don't own many anklets..and I'm not even a massive lover of elephants...

As the search for this non-existent anklet began to die down, a fashion blogger on Instagram posted a picture of her ridiculously tanned ankle *sigh* that was accessorized in anklets.. one of them being an elephant one!! Of course it had to be bought and to my surprise it only cost £4.00. I bought the anklet off of a little jewellery website called Daisy-Mae Jewellery which stocks lots of pretty little anklets at such low prices & I just had to share with you how cute this anklet/website was! Buy the anklet here <

 I also had to show you how gorgeous this piece of fabric is!! My mum bought it on holiday as she said that all the locals were lying on pretty fabrics instead of towels on the beach... the glam life.

With love xo 

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