Every girl has that one item of make up... when visiting Boots/Superdrug/John Lewis etc etc etc, she always leaves with a new one (even if she doesn't need one or already has three in the same shade).. well for me that cosmetic is lipstick.

My mum likes to say I have an obsession and it certainly doesn't help when my two best friends (yes that's you Becky & Emily if you're reading this) are major lipstick lovers as well. When it comes to shades I am a sucker for colour.. but tend to stick to pinky or purple colours as I'm not the biggest fan of pale/nude shades against my skin tone. A lipstick post would not be complete without of course... MAC. What I love about MAC lipsticks is that you can choose from a variety of different textures/finishes.. Whether you like a matte finish or a satin finish.. there is something to suit everyone's tastes. So seeing as MAC lipsticks are my fav, I thought I would share with you my top 3:

1. What is my favourite MAC lipstick I hear you ask? My go to lipstick for a night out has to be Rebel. It's a Mid tonal plum colour that pretty much goes with any outfit that I wear (saying that I only tend to wear black so...) This colour definitely vamps up your make-up and looks so glam on a night out. This has a satin finish which means that it is semi-matte. I find that it is a little drying on my lips but nothing too major as it still applies easily. Its very pigmented which means that you don't need to apply lots of coats and it is long lasting (no need to keep re applying!) This lippy is intense in colour and makes me feel bad ass when I wear it.

2. I have recently just returned from two holidays and have found myself wearing this shade almost every evening. Impassioned is a unique bright pink colour with a hint of coral creating a neon-like shade that looks amazing against a tan. Don't worry.. I know the word neon sounds scary/tacky but it is completely the opposite! What I love about this lipstick is that it has an Amplified finish which gives the lipstick a fairly creamy consistency enabling a good glide of colour that spreads evenly across the lips. I wouldn't say that the lipstick is particularly moisturizing but I wouldn't say that it dries out my lips either.. so the finish of the lipstick sits somewhat in between. This lipstick definitely lasts a long time due to having such a high pigmentation in colour (therefore not really needing to reapply my lippy). I usually find that after a night out and I've taken my make up off, I wake up the next morning and my lips are still stained bright pink!!

3. I went searching for the perfect, everyday shade... as previously mentioned, I'm not a fan of nude colours... Plumful is my replacement neutral lippy which I feel I can wear all year round. Although looking at the colour, you wouldn't consider it to be neutral.. it is a very subtle shade when worn. It is a light, plum-berry-dark pink shade that looks super pretty (very similar to Craving which is also one of my favs). It has a Lustre finish which means it applies sooooo smoothly and unlike the other two lipsticks, it moisturizes my lips and leaves a soft sheen. You can control the pigmentation of this lipstick as you can create a semi-sheer look or full on colour. The colour doesn't last that long though and I think that's due to the Lustre finish as it comes off easily e.g. when eating, drinking etc etc. The shade does wear away evenly so it doesn't look too strange when it has worn off! You do have to reapply this lippy a fair few times but as it is so easy to apply, it doesn't bother me too much. 

What's your favourite MAC lippy?

With Love xo

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